3D Quiet Fabric Activity Storybook Montessori Toys for Kids

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Early teachers for curious babies

Out of all the toys we buy for our kids, a soft cloth book might undeniably be the best and most valuable gift we can give our children.

Tickle curiosity

With the lovely colors and images that mimic the real objects, these books provide our little ones with a first hand experience of the world, tickle their imaginations and enhance creativity.

Boost logical sense & motor skills

It's never too early to introduce books to babies! Different pages require kids to follow different tasks, from tying shoelaces, opening the buckle to guesting the time. Thereby, it helps promote multiple vital early skills.

Soft and super safe

Once your kid grows a little older, a more traditional book might suit better. Yet in those early years, nothing can beat a soft fabric book that they can chew and play with safely.

Quality family-time!

What can even be better than spending time reading and playing with your precious kid? We bet nothing at all!

Get 1 for your child!


  • Material: Fabric

  • Dimensions: 20 x 3 x 22.5cm

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