Adjustable Baby Shower Soft Cap Hair Ear Protection Head Cover

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Color: Blue Fish

Blue Fish
Pink Fish
Blue Duck
Purple Pig
Green Frog
Blue Bear
Yellow Bear
Pink Bear
Green Leaves
Blue Leaves
Yellow Leaves
Purple Leaves
Yellow 1
Blue 1
2 Pcs Yellow 1
2 Pcs Blue 1
2 Pcs Pink
Yellow 2
2 Pcs Yellow 2
Blue 2
2 Pcs Blue 2
2 Pcs Blue Cat
2 Pcs Pink Bear
2 Pcs Yellow Bear
2 Pcs Blue Bear
2 Pcs Green Frog
Blue Cat
Yellow Cat
Pink Cat
Blue Frog
Yellow Frog
2 Pcs Purple Leaves
2 Pcs Yellow Leaves
2 Pcs Blue Leaves
2 Pcs Green Leaves
2 Pcs Purple Frog
2 Pcs Yellow Frog
2 Pcs Blue Frog
2 Pcs Pink Cat
2 Pcs Yellow Cat
2 Pcs Purple Pig
Yellow Bear 2
2 Pcs Yellow Bear 2
2 Pcs Blue Duck
2 Pcs Pink Fish
2 Pcs Blue Fish
3 Pcs Yellow 1
3 Pcs Blue 1
3 Pcs Pink
3 Pcs Yellow 2
3 Pcs Blue 2
3 Pcs Purple Leaves
3 Pcs Yellow Leaves
3 Pcs Blue Leaves
3 Pcs Green Leaves
3 Pcs Purple Frog
3 Pcs Yellow Frog
3 Pcs Blue Frog
3 Pcs Pink Cat
3 Pcs Blue Cat
3 Pcs Pink Bear
3 Pcs Yellow Bear
3 Pcs Blue Bear
3 Pcs Green Frog
3 Pcs Purple Pig
3 Pcs Yellow Bear 2
3 Pcs Blue Duck
3 Pcs Pink Fish
3 Pcs Blue Fish
4 Pcs Yellow 1
4 Pcs Blue 1
4 Pcs Pink
4 Pcs Yellow 2
4 Pcs Blue 2
4 Pcs Purple Leaves
4 Pcs Yellow Leaves
4 Pcs Blue Leaves
4 Pcs Green Leaves
4 Pcs Purple Frog
4 Pcs Yellow Frog
4 Pcs Blue Frog
4 Pcs Pink Cat
4 Pcs Yellow Cat
4 Pcs Blue Cat
4 Pcs Pink Bear
4 Pcs Yellow Bear
4 Pcs Blue Bear
4 Pcs Green Frog
4 Pcs Purple Pig
4 Pcs Yellow Bear 2
4 Pcs Blue Duck
4 Pcs Pink Fish
4 Pcs Blue Fish
Purple Frog
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Dry ears, happy bath

One of the reasons why your kids hate having a bath is the uncomfort caused by water trapped in their ears. Now with this cap, your kid will enjoy and look forward to bath time everyday. 

Block water outside

The little ears will always be dry during bath time since this cap can hug the little ears without any gap, leaving no way for water to get in.  

Cause no discomfort

Although the cap covers the small ears tightly, it won’t cause any discomfort since the soft and skin-friendly EVA will ensure the best comfort for the sensitive skin of your babies. 

Adorable cap 

The lovely and colorful caps will adorn your little angel, making them funny and cute at the same time!

Easy to fit

This soft cap can grow up with your kids and accompany them in every bath as the adjustable button design enables it to fit the little head easily. 

Have a happy bath!


  • Material: EVA

  • Diameter: 30cm / 11.8in 

Care instructions
  • Wash With Water.

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