Autoglas Waterdichte Coating Agent

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  • AUTOMATIC FILM FORMATION:  This waterproof car coating improves visibility at night and in wet weather and improves driver safety. Also helps wipers perform better by  automatically and quickly forming a water barrier film on the glass surface.

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR & PERFECT VISIBILITY:  Prevent moisture on the windshield and mirrors of your car. An invisible layer is created that prevents moisture from raining in, so you no longer have to clean your glass. Can also be used on motorcycle helmet visors. 

  • LATEST WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY:  Instead of using a silicone-based formula, this glass coating provides a longer lasting effect up to 24 hours and greater resistance to environmental factors.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE:  Treat your car windows and rear view mirrors with this waterproof coating agent or apply it to the bathroom glass, vanity mirror, glass door and more to make them much clearer.


  • Capacity: 100ml

  • Storage method: Seal and store in a cool place at 0-40°C 

Package includes

  • 1 x Autoglas Waterdichte Coating Agent

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