Cartoon Plush Frog Rabbit Cat Stuffed Elastic Hair Ties For Girls

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Color: Beige Rabbit

Beige Rabbit
Blue Rabbit
Khaki Rabbit
Beige Bear
Yellow Duck
White Cow
Shy Panda
Green Frog
Set 2 Pcs Green Frog
Set 2 Pcs Shy Panda
Set 2 Pcs White Cow
Set 2 Pcs Yellow Duck
Set 2 Pcs Brown Bear
Set 2 Pcs Beige Bear
Set 2 Pcs Khaki Rabbit
Set 2 Pcs Blue Rabbit
Set 2 Pcs Beige Rabbit
Set 5 Pcs Green Frog
Set 5 Pcs Shy Panda
Set 5 Pcs White Cow
Set 5 Pcs Yellow Duck
Set 5 Pcs Brown Bear
Set 5 Pcs Beige Bear
Set 5 Pcs Khaki Rabbit
Set 5 Pcs Blue Rabbit
Set 5 Pcs Beige Rabbit
Set 10 Pcs Green Frog
Set 10 Pcs Shy Panda
Set 10 Pcs White Cow
Set 10 Pcs Yellow Duck
Set 10 Pcs Brown Bear
Set 10 Pcs Beige Bear
Set 10 Pcs Khaki Rabbit
Set 10 Pcs Blue Rabbit
Set 10 Pcs Beige Rabbit
Brown Bear
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Wear your lucky creatures on your bun!

Whip your girl’s long hair into a cool style with these impeccable animal fluffy hair ties! 

Adorable animals

If your girl loves doing braids and buns while also showing great passion toward cute animals, why not merge the two into one to receive her biggest smile?

Various hairstyles

This hair tie goes perfectly with any style you can think of, from braids and buns to pigtails and high ponytails.

Gentle on the hair

With some hair ties, especially elastic ones, you might fall into trouble taking them off (and a handful of fallen hair!). Yet with this fluffy, soft alternative, taking off hair ties is no longer a problem.

Suits every age

Everyone adores cute hairstyles, regardless of their ages! Try it with a low ponytail or a half-up bun, you’ll look extra cute and girly.

Enjoy the biggest sale!


  • Material: Polyester

  • Dimensions: 16 x 13cm

Care instructions

  • Machine Washable

  • No Bleach

  • Tumble Dry

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