Chin Cheek Slimming Bandage V Shaper

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  • Suitable for daily facial shaping, shaping cheek contours

  • Improve facial sagging, optimize the masseter muscle pattern without curling edges, make it lighter and less stuffy when worn for a long time

  • Physical shaping care suitable for facial

  •  For long-term use, it is recommended to purchase two or more sets of alternating washing to extend the product's service life

  • Cooperate with massage techniques, facial exercises, and beauty equipment for better results


  • Material: Nylon + Spandex

  • Small size (under 120 pounds)/S size

Care instructions

  • It is recommended to change and wash the mask every 2-3 days, as frequent washing can shorten the lifespan of the mask

  • Wash with warm water below 40C and neutral detergent to avoid prolonged soaking. Do not machine wash or dry to maintain the elasticity of the fabric. 

  • Before drying, use a towel to fully absorb the water and do not forcefully twist it to flatten. It should be dried in a ventilated place and can be placed indoors or under eaves to avoid direct sunlight and avoid scalding

Package includes

  • 1 Piece of Chin Cheek Slimming Bandage V Shaper


  • Please adapt from half an hour for the first use, and after adaptation, it can take 1-8 hours per day according to personal circumstances. If you feel uncomfortable, you can reduce the usage time

  • After forming a pattern, persist in using it for 1-2 months to achieve more significant results

  • For oily skin and those prone to sweating, clean the face well before and after wearing, and regularly clean the mask

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