Christmas Gift Doll Bags

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Color: Old man

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Gift your loved one some little Christmas treats!

 Sugar, spice and everything nice; it’s Christmas when all of you deserve to have some cute little bags full of sweets and happiness. 

Adorable candy bags

All your classic, much-loved characters are all here to keep all sweeties for you on a merry Christmas. Nothing brings Christmas cheer like those festive Santa and deers. 

Perfect Xmas adornments

It’s more than a gift bag, it’s the perfect ornament which matches seamlessly with all your Xmas decor themes. 

More than just a gift

The delight of kids shines brighter than any Christmas lights. Gift them jolly bags filled with candies or fresh fruit to light up the sparkle of delight in their eyes.

Easy bags for gifting

Prepare little gifts for all of your family members without rolling up your sleeves and start crafting! Just fill the bag with good stuff, close it and voila~

Jolly offers at Christmas!


  • Material: Cloth 

  • Dimensions: 15 x 30cm 

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