Elastic Rubber Band Elastic Band Girls Hair Extension Ponytail Braid Hairstyle

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Color: Black Rose Red Pink

Black Rose Red Pink
Black White
Black Gray
Orange Blue Red
Orange Green Red
Black Purple Green
Rose Red Blue
Light Khaki Green
Light Khaki Blue
Mix 1
2 Pcs Black Dark Gray
2 Pcs Light Khaki Blue
2 Pcs Light Khaki Green
Purple Blue Yellow
Orange Yellow Purple
Yellow Green Blue
Black Yellow
Black Purple White
2 Pcs Green Blue White
2 Pcs Rose Red Blue
2 Pcs Black Purple Green
2 Pcs Orange Green Red
Black Light Khaki
Black Smoke Pink
Black Dark Pink
Light Khaki
Light Gray
Light Brown
Mix 2
2 Pcs Mix 2
2 Pcs Mix 3
Black Blue Purple
Blue Lavender Pink
Black Purple Violet
Black Purple Peach
Black Pink Blue
Black Blue
Fluorescent Green
Beige Royal Blue
Rose Red Pink
Blue Blue
Red Finnish Green
Black Purple
2 Pcs Black Wine Red
Black Cyan
Black Red
Black Beige
Black Blackish Green
Black Pink
Black Royal Blue
2 Pcs Black
2 Pcs Black Royal Blue
2 Pcs Black Pink
2 Pcs Black Blackish Green
2 Pcs Black Beige
2 Pcs Black Red
2 Pcs Black Cyan
2 Pcs Black Purple
2 Pcs Red Finnish Green
2 Pcs Blue Blue
2 Pcs Rose Red Pink
2 Pcs Beige Royal Blue
2 Pcs Fluorescent Green
2 Pcs Black Blue
2 Pcs Black Pink Blue
2 Pcs Black Purple Peach
2 Pcs Black Purple Violet
2 Pcs Blue Lavender Pink
2 Pcs Black Blue Purple
2 Pcs Black Purple White
2 Pcs Black Yellow
2 Pcs Yellow Green Blue
2 Pcs Orange Yellow Purple
2 Pcs Purple Blue Yellow
2 Pcs Mix 1
2 Pcs Mix 4
2 Pcs Mix 5
2 Pcs Mix 6
2 Pcs Mix 7
2 Pcs Dark Brown
2 Pcs Light Brown
2 Pcs Light Gray
2 Pcs Light Khaki
2 Pcs Black Dark Pink
2 Pcs Black Smoke Pink
2 Pcs Black Light Khaki
2 Pcs Orange Blue Red
2 Pcs Black Red Yellow
2 Pcs Black Gray
2 Pcs Black White
2 Pcs Black Rose Red Pink
Black Red Yellow
Black Wine Red
3 Pcs Black
3 Pcs Black Royal Blue
3 Pcs Black Pink
3 Pcs Black Blackish Green
3 Pcs Black Beige
3 Pcs Black Red
3 Pcs Black Cyan
3 Pcs Black Wine Red
3 Pcs Black Purple
3 Pcs Red Finnish Green
3 Pcs Blue Blue
3 Pcs Rose Red Pink
3 Pcs Beige Royal Blue
3 Pcs Fluorescent Green
3 Pcs Black Blue
3个 黑色+粉色+蓝色一条12根
3 Pcs Black Purple Peach
3 Pcs Black Purple Violet
3 Pcs Blue Lavender Pink
3 Pcs Black Blue Purple
3 Pcs Green Blue White
3 Pcs Black Purple White
3 Pcs Black Yellow
3 Pcs Yellow Green Blue
3 Pcs Orange Yellow Purple
3 Pcs Purple Blue Yellow
3 Pcs Mix 1
3 Pcs Mix 2
Mix 3
3 Pcs Mix 3
3 Pcs Mix 4
3 Pcs Mix 5
3 Pcs Mix 6
3 Pcs Mix 7
3 Pcs Dark Brown
3 Pcs Light Brown
3 Pcs Light Gray
3 Pcs Light Khaki
3 Pcs Black Dark Pink
3 Pcs Black Smoke Pink
3 Pcs Black Light Khaki
3 Pcs Black Dark Gray
3 Pcs Light Khaki Blue
3 Pcs Light Khaki Green
3 Pcs Rose Red Blue
3 Pcs Black Purple Green
3 Pcs Orange Green Red
3 Pcs Orange Blue Red
3 Pcs Black Red Yellow
3 Pcs Black Gray
3 Pcs Black White
3 Pcs Black Rose Red Pink
Black Dark Gray
Mix 4
Mix 5
Mix 6
Mix 7
Green Blue White
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Spark some fun colors to your hair!

Switch up your hairstyle to an instant colorful, cool, voluminous one in less than 5 seconds! 

Funky, bold look 

If you are in a hunt for turning up the volume and spice up your casual style, why not add an extra fun twist with these cool braids? Wear this to a party and all the attention and spotlights will be on you.

Bright colors without damaging 

Loving the colors yet afraid of damaging your hair? This is the perfect answer for you. Opt for the craziest, brightest shades and your natural hair will still stay nice and healthy.

Style in 5 sec

Small braids are super fun and daring, yet take an eternity to finish. With this instead, you get the same result within seconds!

Suitable for all ages

Not only does this bold style look phenomenal on adults, it also gives a cool hairstyle twist to teens and little girls! 

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  • Material: Domestic Silk

  • Length: 60cm approx.

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