Long Handle Shower Bath Soap Dispenser Massage Cleaning Brush

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Brush brush brush, clean body in no rush!

Everyone loves a good shower! Brush off all the dirt and stress from long working hours and give your body the massage session it deserves!

Deep exfoliation

The extremely fine bristle brush is able to carry away dirt and build ups from the skin surface, leaving you with a clean body afterward with no redness and itching.

Soft & Non-invasive for delicate skin

The brush is made of super fine bristles, which are soft and non-invasive even on the most delicate skin, and will not leave scratches or redness.

Hygienic & Handy soap dispenser

Pour the body wash into the handle to prevent excessive contact with air, keeping it hygienic and safe. Plus, it’s super handy to dispense soap this way!

Reach every spot

The extended handle design allows you to tackle the most hard-to-reach spots, lessen the strain on your arm and clean the back more thoroughly.

Easily washed & stored!

Feel the ease to just wash this brush with water, hang to dry with the pre-designed hole knowing its quick-drying feature will prevent harboring any nasty fungus and bacteria.

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  • Material: PP + PS

  • Dimensions: 36 x 9 x 4.2cm

Care instructions

  • Hand Wash With Water And Detergents.

  • Hang to Dry

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