Vikings Wolves Head Mjolnir Stainless Steel Necklace

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Color: BLACK

Length: 50cm

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Become a true Viking!

A Viking outfit can’t be complete without a Viking necklace. Assert your Viking spirit by wearing the Geri and Freki Wolves Head Necklace!

Powerful Viking look 

Vikings’ necklace is often decorated with animals or beasts biting onto a ring where pendants were hung. Our necklace which consists of a King Chain ending in the heads of Geri and Freki - the wolves of Odin, that bite onto a ring with a large Mjölnir pendant will add a powerful Viking look to your outfit. 

Give you protection

The brave and loyal wolves of Odin will give you strength and protection to go through tough times in your life. 

Cool accessory 

Even if you’re not a fan of Viking, this necklace with its cool and manly vibe will still win your heart to be one of your favorite accessories!

Never fall off

The chain comes with a lobster clasp that keeps this massive piece secured around your neck, as well as a pendant ring that can be opened and closed easily.

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  • Material: Titanium Steel 

  • Length: 50cm / 60cm / 70cm

Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

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